​Meet the Team

Meet Oliver and Toby, our Azur ŠKODA Motability specialist, and allow him to take you through the vast array of options open to you, making the process quick, easy and worry free.

Scroll down to view the profile of our specialist to find out a little bit more:

Oliver at Azur ŠKODA


Oliver has been Motability accredited since 2015. Motability appeals to Oliver as it feels great to be able to help customers to keep their freedom every three years when due for renewal.

"Being a Motability Specialist is incredibly rewarding from meeting all of our customers and then helping them find the correct vehicle for their needs! It's made easier by the fact ŠKODA have an excellent Motability range to choose from and can be adapted to suit any customer requirements."

You can contact Oliver on 01243 213851.

Toby at Azur ŠKODA


Our latest addition to the Motability team, Toby has been Motability accredited since February 2017. 

"The Motability scheme is fantastic, and allows many individuals to stay independent. ŠKODA​ have an extensive range on offer, a lot of which have no upfront cost. I look forward to helping Motability customers find the right car for them."


You can contact Toby on 01243 213851