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Here at Azur ŠKODA, we like to offer customer's peace of mind free of charge! That is why we are offering a free brake check for your vehicle.

The bakes on your vehicle are so important to ensuring your safety whilst driving, but with use and vehicle age the condition of your brakes can deteriorate gradually and If you are out in your vehicle every day a difference in your car's braking performance may be difficult to identify.

Some of the ways you can identify if your brakes need attention could be:

  • Squeaking, Grinding and other noise
  • Juddering or vibrations coming from your brake pedal
  • Vehicle pulling to one side
  • Soft or spongy brakes
  • Brake warning light illuminated

The brake check will be carried out by our ŠKODA trained technicians. The check will include a detailed video showing the condition of your brakes. The check covers all of the components in your cars braking system such as brake pads, callipers, shoes, discs, hoses and the handbrake linkage.

Book your car in for a free brake check through ŠKODA UK's online booking system. Simply follow the link below, but please be aware you will be redirected from the Birchwood ŠKODA website:

Book a Free Brake Check