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Mitsubishi’s track record of creating great pick-up trucks continues with the new L200. Robust and rugged, the Mitsubishi L200 can tackle a wide range of terrains with ease and possesses tremendous pulling power too.

At first glance, this fifth generation L200 appears more evolution than revolution. It’s sleek and muscular enough to reap plenty of street cred, yet it is smoother, quieter, roomier, more sophisticated, more comfortable and even more aerodynamic than its predecessors. It has a new engine, new suspension, new steering and new transmission, both manual and automatic, and that’s just the start. Of course, the sleek shape of the L200 isn’t designed simply to be easy on the eye, it’s actually designed to make it one of the most aerodynamically efficient pick-ups you can buy. Someday all trucks will be built like this.


A perfect balance between practical, durable materials and ‘car-like’ refinement, its list of standard kit reads more like that of a top-end saloon: central locking with keyless entry, tactile leather on the height and reach adjustable steering wheel and gearshift knob which complements the leather seats in Warrior and Barbarian models, electric windows to both front and rear, electric heated door mirrors for optimum vision under all conditions, and air conditioning of course – climate control with dual zone facilities providing separate settings for driver and front passenger. It even includes privacy glass, cruise control, luxury details like rain and dusk sensors, a Bluetooth® hands free ’phone connection, and good sound systems with steering wheel remote control as standard, as well as a touch screen satellite navigation system on the Warrior and Barbarian*


Mitsubishi L200 left front view

Perfect for the Road

The L200 aerodynamic excellence combines with a all-aluminium 2.4 litre diesel MIVEC* engine to return both exceptional performance and outstanding fuel economy. On 4Life models, Auto Stop & Go further aids both fuel consumption and emissions, whilst the highly responsive compact turbocharger endows Titan, Warrior and Barbarian models with an impressive 178 bhp output. This enables you to power up to 62mph in just 10.4 seconds, maintain that speed at barely 2000rpm, and still have plenty of torque to call on when you need it.

Quiet, smooth, refined and incredibly responsive, the engine’s exceptional torque characteristics are matched by a new six-speed manual transmission with a light and fluid shift action. Warrior and Barbarian derivatives offer the option of a five-speed automatic with Sports Mode manual facility and paddle shift.

Add to the mix a revised suspension set up which ensures that the L200 rides more like an SUV than an LCV, feeling composed and settled around bends and over potholes. This is a highlight which is matched by the steering: light at low speeds, and with considerably reduced lock-to-lock revolutions, it emphasises the L200’s extreme manoeuvrability, and with a turning circle of just 11.8m no pick-up can beat it; indeed, it’s better even than some small cars.

Perfect for any terrain

Off-road, it’s simply no contest. With its smooth torque delivery (an impressive 317 lb.ft. at just 2500rpm*) that quiet, economical engine, notable on-road, is equally suited to tougher work. It powers through mud, slush, snow and sand as effectively as it attacks the asphalt, whilst the new suspension set up skilfully irons out deeper bumps.

Traction is never in question. The Easy Select system in operation on 4Life models features a heavy duty rear differential lock to provide extra traction for when the going goes beyond tough, whilst, even after all these years, the L200 Titan, Warrior and Barbarian models remain unusual in enabling on-road driving in the dry with either two- or four-wheels engaged. This renowned Super Select system, borrowed from the iconic Shogun, provides the option of extra grip whenever you need it: when towing, for example. In fact, the L200 is something of a towing supremo. With a braked capacity of 3100kg and a total load capacity (the maximum total weight which can be carried in the load bed whilst towing) of 4090kg**, the Double Cab model is the brawniest packhorse in the bunch.

Mitsubishi L200 right front view


The very first pick-up to feature a traction control system, this active safety feature works alongside technical innovations like ABS with EBD (which adjusts the level of braking power applied between the front and rear wheels, depending upon the load), Brake Assist (power assistance for the pedal under emergency braking), an Emergency Stop signal System which automatically alerts other drivers to a hazardous situation, and Trailer Stability Assist for safer towing.

Features like the Lane Departure Warning system, Hill Start Assist and the Bi-Xenon headlamps which turn night into day, also make the L200 both safer and easier to drive. But, should the worst happen and you come closer than is desirable to another solid object, you’ll find the L200’s ultra-tough body and multiple airbags a safe place to be*.

*Specifications vary by model

L200 Wins Best Pick Up

L200 Towing Capacity, The Best Pick-Up To Tow 3.5 Tonnes

L200 has amazing ability to tow and carry heavy payloads in its load bed, with higher Total Load Capacity than any other pick-up truck in its class.

Auto Express awarded the L200 the best pick-up truck award for a record-breaking fourth consecutive year.

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