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There is a wide range of useful adaptations available to make it easier, safer and more comfortable for you to use your Motability car. While having your car adapted is not a compulsory part of the Scheme, thousands of Motability customers have benefited from doing so.

It is best to identify which adaptations you require before you choose your Motability model. Some cars are better than others for accommodating various modifications, and our Motability advisers will be able to guide you towards the best cars for the adaptations you need. Many adaptations are included in the cost of the Motability lease, although some cost extra and will need to be paid for in advance when you order your Motability vehicle. Financial assistance is available if the adaptations you need are beyond your means.

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To find out more about the Motability adaptations available from Azur ŠKODA, please get in touch with our specialist Motability. You can enquire by completing the contact form on our website or by phoning your nearest dealership directly.